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Welcome To FoundationPros Digital Marketing!

We Help Your Advertising Perform Better So Your Phone Rings More Often.

Welcome! We are FoundationPros Digital Marketing and we help Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing companies increase sales while reducing their cost-per-lead. 

And many times we can do it by simply working with whatever marketing & advertising activities you are currently doing.

The simplest way to describe what we do…we help your company get multiple “second chances” to get website visitors to call you. Those second chances give you the opportunity to book more appointments and generate more sales.

Your company is likely spending a lot of time and/or money each month trying to keep up in the market and get visitors to your website. Are you getting the results you want, or need, from those efforts?

There is a very good chance that no matter the results you are currently getting, they can be better. If improving your current results – and getting a better return on your marketing efforts –  is something you would like to do, then you are in the right place.

Get More Calls at a Lower Cost

This is Goal #1 for our customers. Many agencies claim that they can get you more calls and lower the costs. But, we have some customers who increased sales by as much as 40% while reducing the cost per lead by as much as 89%. Now, this is not typical, but it is possible.

If you are anything like the foundation repair companies we talk to, you would be happy if you saw results that are even just half of this. We believe we can help you get more leads and spend less to do it.


Because FoundationPros is different!

#1 Our Product is Different
Rather than trying to sell you on “getting more visitors to your website” or “get Page 1 rankings”, our base offer is to get better results out of the traffic you currently have.

OmniTargeting is the foundation of our product offerings and it does two things that get visitors to return:

1. Keeps you on the top of your visitors’ mind by consistently, but subtly, reminding them that they stopped by. 

2. Gives them reasons why you are the one to call to fix their problem. 

By doing this, more visitors who left without calling will return to your website. These return visits – the second chances – give you the opportunity to interact with the homeowner…that ultimately helps you convert more visits into sales. This is what our OmniTargeting System does for our customers.

And…unlike other agencies that contact you, we are not trying to replace your current marketing agency. The base OmniTargeting System works with whatever they are currently doing to drive traffic to your website. They do what they do OmniTargeting uses their efforts to improve your results.

So, no matter what else you are doing, or who you are working with, you can plug this in to work seamlessly with those traffic-generating efforts.

And it doesn’t matter if you have an in-house marketing team or work with an external agency. OmniTargeting doesn’t compete with the other activities that you are doing, it supplements them. In fact, the more you are doing, the better Omni works for you.

#2 Our Approach is Different
There are two ways that our approach is different from other marketing companies you may have talked to or even worked with in the past. 

1. We focus on two services and are experts at them.

We are an “un-agency”. Rather than offer pretty much anything and everything like the typical marketing agency usually does (websites, SEO, local search, social media management, paid ads, blog posts, logo design, video, print, etc..) and try to be a jack-of-all-trades in an attempt to own all of your marketing activities, we have decided to become masters of two services that can have the biggest impact on your sales growth – Google Ads and OmniTargeting. 

Hire someone else for the other stuff and let us run our piece along side them.

Determining which one is right for you comes down to the answer two questions…
– Do you have enough traffic? 
– Do you need more or better traffic? 


2. We work exclusively with foundation repair and basement waterproofing companies.

Most agencies tend to work with any number of different business types. A contractor here, a dentist there, perhaps a chirpopractor as well. Even if they work with “contractors”, as you dig into the different types they all have different needs and specific challenges in their specialty. A roofer’s needs are not the same as a plumber’s needs. And your needs are different from their needs. We know this.

We offer a couple of related service products — very much like how your company does — and work only with foundation repair and basement waterproofing companies. So we provide what you need, they way you need it to have a positive impact on your growth.

Our Specialties

We provide two primary service products – OmniTargeting and Google Ads Management. 

Built around them are two packages designed to deliver excellent results as quickly as possible. What truly matters is having incoming calls from homeowners who need your help…that is what we deliver.

OmniTargeting System

Stay top of mind of all of your website visitors. Remind them that they visited, give them good reasons to come back, and see your incoming calls increase.

Google Ads Management

If sales growth is your goal and your website needs more (or better) traffic, this is a "must have" service. Targeted paid ads + OmniTargeting cannot be beat.

So, What Is OmniTargeting?

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