Spending Money on Marketing & Advertising?

Are The Results Good Enough?

Let's Make Them Even Better!

Welcome To FoundationPros Digital Marketing!

Increase Your Sales By 20% While Reducing Your Cost-Per-Lead by 30%.

We are FoundationPros Digital Marketing and we help Foundation Repair and Basement Waterproofing companies get more out of their current marketing & advertising activities. This means increased sales without crushing the marketing budget.

No matter the source, if your website is already attracting good prospects, we can help you get the opportunity to book more appointments, win more jobs, and generate more sales…from the traffic you are already generating.

If you are getting website visitors from any of these sources, then we can help your phone ring more frequently. 

How Do We Do That?

The simplest way to explain what we do…we get your company multiple “second chances” to turn your website visitors into callers.

We tell your unique story and get past visitors to come back to your website. And when they come back, the likelihood of them calling you to book an appointment increases dramatically.

Why Could This Be Right For You?

Your company is probably spending a lot of time and/or money each month trying to keep up in the market and to get visitors to your website. Are you getting the results you want, or need, from those efforts? 

Do you feel they should be better than they are?

There is a very good chance that no matter the results you are currently getting, they can be better. 

We have two sales growth systems — Sales Booster and Traffic & Sales Accelerator — ready to go to work for your business to make that happen.

Would improving your current results – and getting a better return on your marketing efforts –  be a positive for your business? If it would, then you are in the right place.

Our Specialties...A Sneak Peek

We don’t offer every service there is. We use two primary tools that are proven to help your business grow.

Built around those tools are two marketing systems designed to make it as easy as possible to get your best prospects in contact with you. And to provide excellent results as quickly as possible. 

What truly matters is having incoming calls from homeowners (or businesses) who need your help…that is what we deliver.


Stay top of mind of all of your website visitors. Remind them that they visited, give them good reasons to come back, and see your incoming calls increase.

Google Ads Management

If sales growth is your goal and your website needs more (or better) traffic, this is a "must have" service. Targeted paid ads + OmniTargeting cannot be beat.

How Can We Help Your Business?

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