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Google Ads and OmniTargeting are the backbone of the Traffic & Sales Accelerator System. Check out below to see you how they can help your business.

1. Google Ads Case Study

The first item is a case study from a Google Ads campaign that we manage for a basement waterproofing company in Charlotte, NC

Getting fast wins from a quick flow of highly-targeted traffic can be business changing, so please take a look at this case study to see what is possible for your business. 

The case study also demonstrates that it can take some time for a campaign to reach its full potential. Google Ads work quickly, but great results won’t happen overnight, a little bit of patience is required.

We quickly delivered excellent results for this customer…could results like this help your business? 

Just below the case study is a recording of an OmniTargeting webinar we did for a wide-range of business owners and we went into deep detail about it. If you are not sure what this is, watch this webinar

Omni can help any business increase sales if their website has enough visitor traffic. It works especially well for businesses that have higher costs to homeowners…like foundation work can.


The Google Ads Case Study

The OmniTargeting Replay

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