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OmniTargeting...Digging Deep Into The Details

OmniTargeting was created with your success in mind. While not typical, we have seen customers increase sales by as much as 40% while reducing the cost per lead by as much as 89%.

Again, this is not a typical result, but as you will see, OmniTargeting truly makes all of your advertising perform better.

It probably sounds too good to be true…but it’s not. If you are already advertising your business and getting website visitors, how can something make those efforts even better?

By making sure your visitors don’t forget about you so they eventually call you.

They will see you everywhere, everyday. If you gently remind a past visitor that they checked you out AND it gets many of them to come back, the chances of them calling you go way up (70% more likely to call you).

If this is what happens, is it fair to say this makes all of your other advertising and marketing better? We think so!

Quick Review

The vast majority of visitors do not take any type of action (call, email, buy) during their first visit to your website. They just don’t. Research shows this number to be 94% or higher. 

The reason why they don’t take action does not really matter. The fact that they don’t take action does. If you would like to get more of those 94% to call, then you are in the right place.

So, how can we get your visitors to take action? 

By retargeting them.

Why retarget them? Because a retargeted visitor is 70% more likely to convert into a caller. With a solid sales process in your business, you have a great opportunity to convert those callers into paying customers.

Don’t leave the success of your business rely on your visitors having a good memory. Make sure you remind them about you. And do it consistently. They may not be ready to commit to a project today, but retargeting will keep your company fresh in their mind.

What Happens When You Get A Visitor?

All Visitors Tagged

Homeowners/Commercial Property Owners who visit your website are the ones who have some level of need for your services. That's who you want to retarget. All visitors to your website get tagged the moment they land on a page so the system knows who needs to be reminded that they visited and gives them reasons to come back.

Consistently Retargeted

Over the next several months after that first visit, every visitor will see your ads in various places when they go online. These gentle reminders are what makes a visitor 70% more likely to call.

Slow Drip Over Time

Ads are not shown all of the time, generally 1-2x per day over the course of at least 90 days...we want to interact with your visitors, not annoy them. Ads are displayed frequently enough and with enough variety that many homeowners will be enticed to re-visit your website. Re-visits lead to more calls. More calls lead to more sales.

OmniTargeting...By The Numbers

Sounds Great...Let's Talk!

To get started with OmniTargeting simply click the button below and set up time to talk. 

If this we are a good fit, we will get started on the onboarding process to get you set up and launched!

Sounds Good, But I Need More

Ok, still not sure about OmniTargeting? Not a problem. We’ll send you a recording of a FREE WEBINAR we did recently. 

In it we go into much more detail about everything you want and need to know about how this will work for your business.

Are You Currently Working with an Agency? Or Have An Internal Marketing Team?

If you are currently working with someone to drive traffic to your website, that’s great! We can give those efforts a big boost.

OmniTargeting supplements whatever is being done to get that traffic.  And improves the results.  

  • Free clicks, such as…
    • SEO/Organic Search
    • Yard Signs/Truck
    • Personal Referrals
  • Paid clicks, such as…
    • Google Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Newspaper/Magazines/Coupons 

OmniTargeting is not a replacement service — it’s an add-on; you cannot retarget visitors if you don’t have them…so do not get rid of a traffic-generating activity or service in order to use OmniTargeting. Keep doing whatever is getting homeowners to visit your website and Omni will help you generate multiple chances to get a second chance to convert them into buyers. 

In fact, the more advertising you are doing, the better OmniTargeting performs.  

No matter what you are doing to generate traffic, OmniTargeting WILL make all of your advertising perform better. Getting visitors to the website is the critical part. If you have that, then OmniTargeting is the next thing you should add to what you are doing!

The OmniTargeting System...What Goes On In It?

Sounds Great...Let's Talk!

Have any questions? Click the button below and set up time for us to talk. 

If this sounds like a good fit we can get started on the onboarding process to get you set up and launched!

Sounds Good, But I Still Need More

Ok, still not sure about OmniTargeting and what it can do to boost your sales? Not a problem. 

We recently did a webinar with a wide range of businesses to demonstrate just how universal this service is. It will work for any business with a website and traffic. 

Get access to the webinar and learn more details about everything you want to know.

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