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Are you getting visitors to your website, but not getting as many calls (and sales) as you expect or would like? If there is a way to turn more of your Visitors into Callers – so you can turn them into Buyers – would that help?

Then OmniTargeting is exactly what you need.

What is OmniTargeting?

Have you ever visited a website or shopped on Amazon, then started seeing ads for that business or product after that visit? Then you have experienced at least a basic form of retargeting.

OmniTargeting is an enhanced version of retargeting. It makes sure that a single visit to your website allows you to have multiple touches with each visitor pretty much wherever they might go online. 

With a basic retargeting campaign — such as is set up with Google Ads campaigns — after you visit a website the retargeting ads are just shown on Google and/or Google properties such as YouTube.

If you clicked on a Facebook ad, then you may see retargeting ads around on Facebook.

OmniTargeting takes retargeting to the next level.

With OmniTargeting, when someone visits your website, they will start to see ads in Google and Facebook…plus many others!

Where Your Ads Are Seen…

What Does OmniTargeting Do For Foundation Repair Companies?

The short answer…it increases visitor conversions (which leads to increased sales).

Up to 94% of your website visitors will not call you on the first visit. And unfortunately, most of that 94% will never call you. 


When you have your OmniTargeting System in place you are staying in front of those 94%. Every day.

And retargeted visitors are 70% more likely to return to your website than those who never see a retargeting ad. And return visits turn into more booked appointments.

And maybe the best part…a homeowner who calls you in August (or December, or March,,,), may have visited your website in June, or May, or even earlier. OmniTargeting keeps you in front of website visitors for months after their initial visit, giving you lots of time and opportunity to get them to come back.

The more who come back, the more who will eventually call you. Just like a lot in business, converting visitors into callers is a numbers game.

OmniTargeting helps put the numbers in your favor.

Why Don’t They Call?

That’s always the big question. Here are the common reasons…

1. Foundation work can be expensive.

2. Too many homeowners assume it is always very expensive.

3. As the perceived cost of a service goes up, the amount of research homeowners will do also goes up.  

Homeowners will do a decent amount of research before calling to get an estimate on foundation work. So, you can be sure that the vast majority of the homeowners who visit your website are going to check out some of your competitors, too. During that “research time” they may forget that they even visited your website, never return, and end up calling a competitor instead of you.

Or 3b. Maybe they remember you, but a competitor did a great job staying in touch and convinced them why they are the company to call. 

You can do the same thing and OmniTargeting is the tool that will do it for you. 

With OmniTargeting you have the most effective way to stay in front of visitors who leave…deliver compelling reasons why they should call you rather than a competitor and many times they will. Take back sales that you would otherwise be losing to the competition!

The Most Powerful Part...Any Traffic Source Works With Omni

No matter how you get visitors to your website, OmniTargeting works…

  • Google Search/Organic/SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • Personal Referrals
  • Trucks/Yard Signs
  • Print Ads/Billboards
  • Social Media
  • Content Sharing
  • TV/Radio

The key to the system is getting visitors to your website. Regardless of how they get there, as soon as they visit your website your OmniTargeting system starts working to get them to come back again.

Revisits Lead To More Calls → More Calls Lead To More Sales

OmniTargeting truly makes all of your advertising & marketing perform better.

Visits, Sales, & OmniTargeting


Visitors who leave your website without buying


Sales that require at least 5 touches from you


Improved chance a retargeted visitor becomes a buyer


Potential Cost: Retargeted visitor vs typical paid ad cost

Could OmniTargeting Make Sense For Your Business?

Let's do a little exercise to see how your numbers might look...

Of course, your numbers may be different. Maybe you convert more than 60% of calls into bids. Perhaps your close rate is different. Maybe your average revenue and profit margin are different.

Do this exercise with your numbers…what is the potential additional profit for your company?

(If you want to see what your Gross Revenue would be, set Profit Margin to 100%)

If the profit amount your numbers projected would help your foundation company grow, let’s get together to talk for a few minutes. 

If You Could Turn $1 Into $2, $3, or More. . .Would You Do It? 

OmniTargeting has the potential to do that for your foundation repair company.

Why OmniTargeting Works So Well


Target your website visitors and only your visitors. People who visited your website are interested in your services and are the ones who will be interested in seeing your ads. Why show ads to people who never visited your website?

Showing ads to homeowners who have a good chance of buying is the smartest way to use your budget!


Show up on every major platform possible. If your prospect goes there, you need to be seen there.

Google Display Network, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, within Gmail, plus CNN, ESPN, The Weather Channel, Tech Crunch...and many more!


We rotate your ads to optimize frequency and eliminate "ad blindness". Show an ad too often and eventually your prospects won't notice it. OmniTargeting maximizes the effectiveness of your ads.

Your ads should be seen, not ignored.

Which Sounds Like Your Current Situation?

A. We Have Good Traffic

This is critical. In order to deliver ads, you must have a minimum flow of traffic. 

This is not our rule, it’s Google’s and Facebook’s rule. 

A minimum number of visitors are needed in order for the platforms to display your ads. 

If your website is getting the minumum amount of traffic required by the platforms:

  • Google Display, Gmail – 100 visits per month
  • Facebook, YouTube – 1,000 visits per month

then your website is ready for OmniTargeting. 

If you have the traffic needed, let’s get started making all of your efforts perform better!  

However, if you need traffic, we can help fix that.

B. Our Website Needs More Visitors

This is fairly common for many of the companies we talk to, especially because there is some seasonal variation in visitor traffic. 

Add the pandemic on top and a traffic boost may be needed.

So, your website may be falling short of the traffic levels required by the platforms OR the quality of the traffic you currently have is poor, meaning they are not true prospects.

If your website needs to get more/better visitors, then Google Ads is a must. A targeted, paid search campaign will put you in front of the exact people in your service area who need your services.

Combining OmniTargeting with a paid Google Ads campaign makes your paid search campaign perform extraordinarily well.

And it’s trackable, so you will see that very clearly. 

Get OmniTargeting Working For Your Business!

This All Sounds Great...Let's Talk!

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If it makes sense after talking, let’s get OmniTarfgeting started so you can start getting more calls from your visitors. 

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