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Let’s Fill Your Calendar and Increase Sales

Reach Your Sales Goals

If you are like the businesses we work with, then your goal is to book more jobs so you can increase sales.

We want to help you achieve that goal, so our task is to match your business with the proper system so you can get where you want to be.

To provide the best opportunity for your business to increase sales, we identified two tools that will directly affect your sales. In order to deliver the best results (and hopefully exceed your expectations), we got really good at using those tools.

Then we packaged those tools with a couple supplemental services that make it super easy for you to start a conversation with visitors before they even leave your website. 

Below you will find what we have created…two robust growth systems designed to help you increase your sales while reducing your cost-per-lead.

The Primary Tools

Google Ads

For those businesses that want fast wins  – or need higher-quality traffic – to their website and want to deploy the super combination of laser-targeted traffic and OmniTargeting, then Google Ads is the option for you.



This is a tool any business can use, even if you are working with an agency or have an in-house marketing team. 

(Note: OmniTargeting is included with our Google Ads package)


The Sales Growth Systems

Which one is right for your business?

When we start working with a new customer it is not uncommon to uncover one of these issues:

  1. Traffic is not at the level needed to go with just the Sales Booster. 
  2. The quality of the traffic is too low to generate enough real leads that can turn into customers
  3. Leads are not coming in fast enough to help us reach our sales objectives

If any of these sound like your situation, then our Traffic & Sales Accelerator is needed. 

But don’t worry, we won’t leave you to make that determination. When we the opportunity to talk we will take time to find the right fit for your business. You need to be set up for success from the start.

Please note:

1. Traffic is critical to success.

2. Your website may already have the required traffic (amount and quality), so you can skip the paid ads if you want. 

3. Your current monthly traffic level & quality, PLUS your objectives are what will determine which system is right for your business. 


Having traffic is great, but a lower amount of high-quality traffic beats a high amount of low-quality traffic every time. 

You may have a lot of visitors stopping by, but if they are not high-quality, then those visitors are not really prospects. This will show up in your conversion rate. And this is the reason why your “high” traffic levels do not seem to be translating into higher call volume.

And you don’t want to show Omni ads to people who are not good prospects…that’s just a waste of money. So it’s important to limit your ads to just true prospects. Let’s be sure your traffic is worth the Omni ad spend. Google Ads will make sure your Omni ads are being shown to the right people.

For Fast Sales Growth

To Boost Current Efforts

Traffic & Sales Accelerator

  • Google Ads Management 
  • OmniTargeting System
  • Optimized Landing Page
  • Conversation Saver
  • Visitor Welcome Mat
  • Call Tracking

Sales Booster*

  • OmniTargeting System
  • Optimized Landing Page
  • Conversation Saver
  • Visitor Welcome Mat


*Due to platform requirements and iOs 14.5, this option is now limited to websites that already have a high volume of traffic.


What’s Included

Comprehensive Set Up

Active Management

Monthly Performance Reporting

We run everything for you. Aside from providing the info needed to get your Systems set up and launched, the only things you have to do are cover the ad spend, answer your phone, close the sales, and provide the service. 

In other words, pay for the ads and keep doing what you do.

As you can see from the list below, you get quite a lot with both systems. We set up an entire marketing ecosystem for your business so no website visitor is missed being tagged. 

Once they are tagged we will start telling your story via your ads in various places online so we get as many website visitors to come back as possible.

With the Traffic & Sales Accelerator, we get to work bringing even more — and higher-quality — visitors to your website so even more visitors are added into your OmniTargeting ecosystem. More Visitors in the system = More Calls to your business.

  • Popular
    Traffic & Sales Accelerator
  • Sales Booster*
Traffic & Sales Accelerator
Sales Booster*
Google Ads + OmniTargeting OmniTargeting / *High-traffic Only
White-Glove Onboarding Call
We kick off the service with a call to make sure we have access to everything we need to get you set up for a successful campaign.
Optimized Landing Page
The key to maximizing conversions. Significantly out-perform a typical website page.
Omni Pixel & Tracking
To make sure your visitors are tagged so they see your ads. Tracking tells us how well the service is performing.
Google Remarketing
Display Ads
Gmail Ads
Facebook/Instagram Remarketing
Display Ads
4 Ad Types
150+ Ads
You provide the content. We do ad design and creation for all platforms, including video content
Bi-Weekly Review & Optimization
This is an actively managed service. We collect data and use it to adjust campaign settings and ads in order to improve performance.
One New Ad Set Per Month
To keep your ads fresh, we create an additional set each and every month. This is especially useful if you have seasonal, holiday, or special offers. You don’t have to pay for those ads to be created, it’s already included!
Strategy Sessions – Quarterly
Businesses change over time, so we will make sure we are on top of what your needs are as they change.
Seasonal Ad Rotation
Ongoing ad rotation based on a proven remarketing calendar
Visitor Welcome Mat
Not everyone likes to call. Make visitors feel welcomed AND make it easy for them to start a conversation with your business.
Conversation Saver
Miss a call? Send an automated SMS message to get the conversation going and capture that visitor.
Performance Reporting – Monthly
You will receive a Monthly Performance Report delivered via email so you can see how well the campaign is working for you.
Google Ads Management
Actively-managed paid ads campaign
Google Account Setup
Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ads
Google Campaign Setup
Including keyword set, ad copy, audience targeting, adextensions.
Click Fraud Protection
Fraudulent clicks happen, we keep that to a minimum so your budget isn’t blown on fake clicks (usually done by a competitor)
Call Tracking
You will know exactly which calls were the result of your Google Ads.
6 Month Roadmap
Layout what will be happening during the first 6 months of the campaign.
Competitive Landscape and Offer Review
Review of competitor ads for most searched keywords at Month 6 review.
Weekly Account Management and Optimizations
Client Reporting Dashboard
Get Started! Get Started!
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